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Well compressible and abrasion-resistant

Tablets can only be pressed from active ingredients with auxiliary agents. They usually make up the largest part of the product and should have certain characteristics. For example, they should be well compressible, abrasion-resistant, and have little taste of their own. Cellobiose fulfils these three requirements. Additionally, it is a double disaccharide sugar and thus belongs to the  a food. Therefore, cellobiose does not have to be declared as an additive. 

Here you can find an overview with various information about cellobiose and how it can be used.

SAVANNA Ingredients

Naturally water-soluable

Auxiliary agents in pills tablets make them easier for patients to use; they ensure that tablets are more solid or taste better. The more functions a filler has, the more useful it is for the production to produce compressed tablets. The disaccharide cellobiose makes tablets firm and abrasion-resistant, just like many other fillers. Additionally, cellobiose convinces with another feature: because it dissolves well in water, tablets based on cellobiose do not need an additional disintegrant. 

You can find out more about the other possible uses of our cellobiose here.

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