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Longer shelf-life

Whether in food, flavour, or cosmetic product, the capsule around the used ingredient plays an important role. The better sensitive ingredients are protected, the more intensely they eventually develop their effect. Cellobiose, as a disaccharide, offers a significant benefit for use as encapsulation material. When used in the wall matrix, i.e. in the structure of the capsule, cellobiose ensures high encapsulation efficiency: it is more difficult for sensitive, volatile ingredients to diffuse to the outside, so they are better protected against oxidation. Consequently the encapsulated substance has a longer shelf life.

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Solid capsule, easy processing

Effective and easy to process – a good encapsulation material should have both characteristics. A challenge with emulsions for capsule material however is the high spray emulsion stability and easy pumpability. When the disaccharide cellobiose is used as the basis of the emulsion, a stable emulsion is created with lower viscosity, if compared to maltodextrin. This guarantees good pumpability and processing. Nevertheless, cellobiose is in no way inferior to maltodextrin in terms of stability.

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When using cellobiose, what is the benefit of the reduced viscosity of the emulsion with coexisting high emulsion stability?

© SAVANNA IngredientsYour benefit: Low viscosity with high dry substance., SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

Less off-flavour

As soon as UV light, metal ions, or oxygen reach the ingredient through the capsule shell, the ingredients react. An undesirable taste occurs. Even more important that the ingredients are well protected! If the capsule is made of disaccharide cellobiose, its high packing density effectively blocks UV light, metal ions, or oxygen and thus prevents the ingredients from diffusing out of the capsule. This ensures that the encapsulated material is particularly well protected.

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What benefit do I have if using cellobiose as an encapsulation material brings a reduced off-taste?

© SAVANNA IngredientsYour benefit: The encapsulation material has no influence on the sensory profile of your application, even after storage., SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

Effekte und Ihr Nutzen beim Einsatz unserer Cellobiose:

The benefit of this effect is an improved stability during storage.

The benefit of the high molecular packing density lies in the improved barrier properties against H2O, O2 and light.

The benefit of reduced O2 permeability is increased oxidation protection.

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