About us

Inspired by natural innovation.

Driven by innovation, SAVANNA Ingredients is a German spin-off for new and innovative types of sugar. We belong to the leading European food group Pfeifer & Langen IHKG.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts are engaged in proactive developing functional carbohydrates extracted from locally cultivated sugar beet (Beta vulgaris).

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Our vision is to produce natural high-quality ingredients.

For us, quality matters most.

Supplying our customers with premium products is the key to guarantee supreme product quality. It is our objective to ensure high customer satisfaction.

We are responding to the growing desire for good and healthy nutrition with high-quality natural products. Wellness, physical health, fitness and enhanced performance of our customers motivates us to develop corresponding products. Our innovative process to extract these sugars from outstanding raw materials meets every quality requirement.

We extract only the best.

The products of SAVANNA Ingredients are based on natural sugar extracted from sugar beets (Beta vulgaris). As part of further processing functional sugars are gained. These functional sugars exist in nature in very small quantities; so-called rare sugars. They have defined characteristics like reduced calories or specific technological properties which enable us to develop and manufacture healthy and enjoyable food ingredients.

Based on this ability to develop innovative and needs-oriented products, we always find the perfect solution for our customers. Supported by a professional application development, a future-oriented R&D and a unique process engineering, we are in the position to create the best from natural ingredients.

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