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In 2020, nearly
7 mio. tonnes of sucrose
were used worldwide.
(Euromonitor, 2021)

Every german consumed
31 kg of sweets
in 2019.
(BDSI, 2020)

Worldwide, more than
65,000 new products
from 2017 to 2020.
(Innova, 2021)

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Full taste, no calories?

Confectionary is delicious but a little „calorie sin“ for health-conscious consumers. Products with sweeteners or sugar alcohols indeed have fewer calories, but often an off-flavour instead. Allulose, a simple sugar, delivers the best of both worlds: The typical aftertaste of sugar alternatives does not occur. At the same time, it impresses with its low calorie content of 0.2-0.4 kcal/g. For comparison: The table sugar sucrose contains 4 kcal/g, more than ten times the number of calories.

Read more about allulose’s glycaemic index here.

SAVANNA Ingredients

Perfect chewing feel without any additives

Less is more – at least when it comes to additives. „Clean“ lists of ingredients are the trend. However, many products with sugar alternatives cannot do without additives or E numbers. Not only the sweetener itself is often subject to labelling. For the perfect consistency of these products, body-giving substances are often required, which must then also be mentioned on the product. This is different with allulose: the low-calorie sugar has body-giving properties, so it can be used in a similar way to conventional sugar and is not considered an additive. Allulose is currently in the process of being approved as a novel food and is, therefore, a food.

We have put together all the information about the technological characteristics of allulose here.

SAVANNA IngredientsFor a better texture and a good mouth feeling

Easy to chew and a pleasant mouth feeling; with many confectionaries, both characteristics are as important as the taste. For example, with toffee. Allulose as an alternative to sucrose can support these characteristics. It does not solidify, and the finished product has a pleasant texture. Another advantage is that toffees with allulose have a longer shelf life than the classics based on household sugar. How is that possible? The simple sugar allulose binds water better than sucrose, which means that products generally have a longer shelf life.

Find more information about the positive characteristics of allulose here.

SAVANNA Ingredients

Intensive taste

Especially with products such as toffees, a note of caramel should not be missing. Allulose undergoes the maillard reaction, which is helpful here. The low-calorie sugar can easily be used in products that have a characteristic browning effect. Because the sweetness of allulose is less intense, it also supports other taste impressions like in chocolate, for example, it can intensify the cocoa note and offer an intensive taste experience. Look and see for yourself!

We have compiled further information for you here.

  Allulose in toffees and fruit gums. Watch our short-video on this topic. Click here.

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