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In 2020, nearly
35.5 mio. tonnes of sweeteners
were used in beverages worldwide.
(Euromonitor, 2021)

Sucrose accounts for more than
50% of the amount
of sweeteners used in beverages.
(Euromonitor, 2021)

Most new product launches worldwide:
150,000 new products
from 2017 to 2020.
(Innova, 2021)

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Sweet but not a sin

With the approach for low-calorie beverages is full taste, no off-flavour and a pleasant mouth feeling. Allulose, as a simple sugar, has the perfect characteristics for this. Its taste is sugar-typical, but allulose differs from the sucrose in a point that is essential for consumers: the calorie content. The energy value of the low-calorie sugar (0.2-0.4 kcal/g) is less than a tenth of the calorie amount of sucrose (4 kcal/g). Although allulose is a sugar, the human body cannot metabolize it. Therefore, it does not provide any energy.

Find more information about the properties of allulose and its glycaemic index here.

SAVANNA Ingredients

Full mouth feeling

Low-calorie drinks can taste at least as good as sugar-containing alternatives. In addition to the sensory analysis, the mouth feeling is essential for this. Just like household sugar (sucrose), allulose has body-giving properties. These ensure that the mouth feeling of beverages neither becomes thin nor watery. Like sucrose, the low-calorie sugar achieves a full mouth feeling. In addition, allulose foams well and the foam is also stable. This is a quality feature, especially for mixed beer beverages. By the way: Allulose interacts positively with inverted sugar for example.

Find out more about this and further information about the characteristics of allulose here.

SAVANNA Ingredients

No additive, no E number

More and more end consumers look at the list of ingredients of products. All the better if as few flavours and E numbers as possible are listed on it – clean labelling is the trend. Unlike sweeteners or sugar alcohols such as erythritol and xylitol, allulose is classified as a food. The reason for this is that the low-calorie sugar is currently in the approval process to be classified as a novel food. Body-giving fillers that may have to be specified as additives are also not needed for drinks with allulose because the low-calorie sugar ensures the right consistency.

We have put together further information about allulose for you here.

  Allulose in beverages. Watch our video on this topic and click here.

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