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Certified reference material

Calibrating equipment, assessing measuring methods, or determining material values; all of this is only possible thanks to high standards in laboratories. For laboratories to determine exact and reproducible measurement results, certified reference materials are required. In the case of the reference materials, at least one of the properties is sufficiently homogeneous and certain characteristics are precisely defined. This way, the laboratory can use the reference material to check whether its own measurement results are sufficiently precise.

Chemical purity

The chemical purity of a substance refers to the proportion of a desired substance to the total mixture of substances. The undesired substances are called impurities. Our cellobiose is supplied as a white crystalline powder.


Cellobiose is the basic building block of cellulose and a purely plant-based raw material that also occurs naturally in pine needles, honey and maize. We primarily rely for our production on sugar beet and other non-genetically modified, renewable raw materials as a source. Cellobiose is not only characterised by the fact that it strongly resembles lactose. Due to its special technological properties, it can be used in many different ways. In terms of its chemical and physical properties, as well as its similarity to lactose, cellobiose can be used as a versatile ingredient of food and in drinks. Compared to sucrose, our cellobiose multifunctional sugar has 50% fewer calories.

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Good to know

REACH registration

No REACH registration number is required for our cellobiose as the substance or its uses are exempted from registration according to Article 2 of REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 or the annual tonnage does not require registration or registration is foreseen for a later date.

Specification or material safety data sheet

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