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We employ a team of young, highly motivated experts in multiple disciplines, from agricultural scientists to sugar technologists.

Let their imagination support your development of products for the future.

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Paulina Gredzinski

// Office Assistant //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-400

“My place is at the heart of Savanna Ingredients. Here in the back office I coordinate multiple tasks relating to appointments, administration and conferences, so that everything runs smoothly for my co-workers and our clients.”

Bernhard Lalla
Aylin Kracht

// Biotechnology Team //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-467

“The work we perform in the lab validates the flawless quality of every step in the production process. Conscientiousness and compliance with all the regulations are not only important to us, but also enable customers to trust in our products.”

Dr. Andreas Degenhardt
Franziska Schramm

// Sales Team //

+49 (0) 2274 701-473

“We regard our customers as partners, and seek to nurture trust and close collaboration as the cornerstones of lasting success and shared growth.
We love what we do and therefore attach the utmost importance to ingenuity, dependability and customer support as we strive to create first-class products. In cooperation with our customers we seek to originate innovative value-added products that give consumers sustained enjoyment.”

Dr. Timo Johannes Koch
Michael Wiesenthal

// Management //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-415

“We are guided by the principle of focussing on our customers. In collaboration with our team we take pleasure in discovering products that are not only healthy, but also offers additional benefit to our customers. And we support the development process from the initial idea through to the customer’s use of the final product.”

Marcel Lesch

// Production Manager //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-438

“My team and me organise and control the operation of a multi-faceted production facility. And we are always well supported by our upstream and downstream colleagues. We welcome challenges in our determination to supply customers with products that satisfy our own high expectations.”

Nathalie Vehlow

// Food Application Engineer //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-232

“My role gives me responsibility for developing and optimising recipes for a huge variety of foods and manufacturing processes. With the aid of our products I am always seeking to delight customers’ taste buds with confectionery, pastries, sauces and drinks that promise technological refinement, a healthier lifestyle and fewer calories.”

Sandra Schmolke-Savels

// Executive Assistant //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-438

“From designing internal processes to coordinating administration and management control, I enjoy and embrace the challenge of creating and shaping a new company.”

Torsten Holstein

// Quality Manager //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-438

“Quality is not a matter of accident. Our management authorized me to keep our quality promises. Our daily activities are aligned with the goal to be a benchmark. It’s the only way to ensure that our clients are satisfied with us and our products.”

Anna Junklewitz
Andreas Simons

// Process Engineering Team //

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH

+49 (0) 2274 701-471

“As process engineers and food technologists, we implement innovative manufacturing techniques for functional carbohydrates. While developing intelligent technologies, we apply strict quality criteria to give customers the best possible product at the most affordable price.”