Our natural multifunctional sugar

Cellobiose – the natural plus factor for food and drinks

We obtain our cellobiose from locally cultivated sugar beet (Beta vulgaris). Cellobiose is a purely plant-based raw material that also occurs naturally in pine needles, honey and maize.

In terms of its chemical and physical properties, as well as its similarity to lactose, cellobiose can be used as a versatile ingredient of food and in drinks. Compared to sucrose, our cellobiose multifunctional sugar has 50% fewer calories.

Good to know: Cellobiose is the subject of an ongoing application for approval as a novel food ingredient.

SAVANNA is engaged in work on functional carbohydrates, including cellobiose in particular, supported by a publicly sponsored project. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany is supporting the research project in the context of a national initiative to reduce the consumption of fat, salt and sugar.

Gefördert aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages“Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture by resolution of the German parliament.”

  • Extracted from the sugar beet
  • Processed natural beet sugar
  • Basic component of vegetable cellulose
  • Disaccharide
  • Basic component of vegetable cellulose
  • Properties similar to those of lactose
  • Derived from glucose molecules linked by a β(1→4) bond
  • Relative sweetening power: 20% measured against sucrose
  • Calorific value: 2 kcal/g – 50% fewer calories than sucrose (4 kcal/g)
  • Glycaemic index: 27
  • Insulin index: 13
  • Proven tooth-friendly
  • Cellobiose can be substituted for lactose
  • Limited water solubility: 14% at room temperature

Possible uses



  • Elevated heat resistance
  • Distinctly whiter and glossier surface
  • Significant calorie reduction



  • Ideal filler
    (including as a substitute for lactose)
  • Very good disintegration performance
    (even without additional disintegrants)
  • Calorie reduction



  • Protection for sensitive substances
    (e.g. flavourings or fats)
  • Prevents oxidation
    (= extends shelf life)



  • Ideal lactose substitute
  • Enhanced Maillard reaction
  • Improved sensory flavour profile

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