SAVANNA Ingredients announces GRAS self-affirmation of allulose

Savanna Ingredients is pleased to announce that our low-caloric sugar – Allulose – obtained a selfaffirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status in the United States of America. After a comprehensive evaluation of the gathered information on Allulose, a panel of independent experts confirmed that our Allulose is now GRAS self-affirmed for the end-uses envisaged by Savanna Ingredients. The defined end-uses include the following applications: beverages, bakery products, confectionary, dressings and sauces, dairy products, jams and preserves, processed meat and syrups at levels ranging from 1 to 55%.

D-Allulose also known as D-Psicose is a monosaccharide and manufactured by enzymatic epimerization from fructose obtained from locally cultivated sugar beets (Beta vulgaris). Therefore, it is purely plantbased. All raw materials used for the production of our Allulose are GMO-free. Allulose occurs naturally in small quantities in dried figs, kiwis and raisins. According to the scientific knowledge of today the human body is not capable of metabolizing allulose besides bacterial fermentation in the large intestine. This results in Allulose having almost no caloric value. Acknowledging the differences in metabolism compared to other sugars, the FDA released a Guidance Draft in 2019, stating that allulose may be
labelled with a caloric value of 0.4 kcal/g. Additionally, Allulose only counts towards “total carbohydrates” and no longer towards “sugars” on the nutrition facts label.

Studies also show a very low glycemic index and insulin response for allulose, making it suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Savanna Ingredients also conducted studies about possible toxicological effects of allulose. Our expert panel reviewed these studies and other information regarding the history of safe use, source material, composition, manufacturing process, analytical methodology, multi-lot analytical results, estimated intake, human metabolism, nonclinical toxicology studies, genotoxicity test results, and human data. The expert panel found no evidence on allulose that demonstrates, or provides reasonable grounds to suggest or suspect, a hazard to the public when allulose is used as an ingredient in food products as specified. Therefore, the use of allulose at the defined levels as a food and dietary supplement ingredient is generally recognized as safe. We are happy to reach this milestone and are looking forward to broadening your product range with our latest ingredient.


Savanna’s work in the field of functional carbohydrates is currently supported by public funding. The overall goal of the current research and development project (SMARBS – Smart Carbohydrates) is to develop and test novel, low-calorie and health-friendly sugars in food formulations – these should make an active contribution to a balanced and healthy nutrition. In the „National Reduction and Innovation Strategy“, the Federal Government has set the goal of reducing the sugar content in industrially produced foods in addition to fat and salt by 2025.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) based on the decision of the German Bundestag. The SMARBS project is carried out by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) as part of the program to promote innovation.

Savanna Ingredients GmbH is a start-up that was founded in 2017 from the Innovation Centre of the sugar producer Pfeifer & Langen, located in Cologne, Germany. Savanna develops functional carbohydrates, i.e. new types of sugar with new, specific nutricional characteristics. Savanna is based in Elsdorf near Cologne. The company is owned by Pfeifer & Langen IHKG, a leading European food group.

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